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Web Automation using SmartQE

By Admin Jan 03, 2020

SmartQE is one stop solution for all quality assurance of your product or business applications. It helps you to test your product/application in all 360 degrees of testing life-cycle and provides a detailed report.

SmartQE allows to create different workflows for a single project to maintain feature-wise testcases. Web Automation is one of such workflows of SmartQE, using which you can automate the web interface of your product or application.

Users don't require any knowledge on programming language to create automation scripts because SmartQE provides them automatically which will reduce your efforts by more than half. Isn’t that cool??

Let’s see how SmartQE deals Web Automation workflow:

  • You must begin this workflow by entering the URL of your web interface. Then SmartQE launches an in-built browser and grabs all elements with different locators with one click. User can see all the elements with their locators in Pages section and add elements manually if required.
  • Manual identification of multiple locators for single element is really a tough task, which will be eliminated completely by SmartQE. Is it? Yes, SmartQE identifies them by just a click. Good scripting requires elements to be located appropriately. Below are the list of locators SmartQE identifies.
    • Xpath
    • id
    • name
    • CSS
    • linktext
    • Tagname
    • Partiallink text
    • class name
    • … and few more…

  • You can update the element properties and add new elements if required.
  • You just must grab all the elements from source page and push them back to SmartQE application. Keep navigating to all your pages which are needed and push the elements to application.
  • Once the pages are created then user has to select the elements of each page to create the Screens.
  • Now, testcase can be created from available screens within few clicks. This Testcase is nothing but a series of screens with required elements in every screen. Every testcase can be assigned to sprints of configured Jira project.
  • The dataset for this testcase will fulfill the elements with required data or action to perform on it. You can also create multiple datasets for single testcase. A dataset can be copied to create others easily.
  • SmartQE handles scrolling/mouse hover actions to be performed automatically with specific element.
  • SmartQE automatically generates the scripts and execute them with one click. It reduces the user time and effort tremendously. The scripts which are generated will be in POM (Page Object Model) which can be understood easily.
  • Generated scripts can be pushed to git repository automatically, if required.
  • SmartQE generates a detailed and downloadable html report with pass or fail screenshot.
  • Every dataset is shown with last execution time and status along with copy, edit, delete options.
  • SmartQE provides execution environments like, Local, Jenkins and Docker. In local mode, Automation scripts generation and execution takes place on local machine. In Jenkins mode, scripts execution will be done on configured Jenkins. In Docker mode, execution takes place in a docker container.
  • Setting up Jenkins and Docker ready for execution is not an easy task. But SmartQE eliminates such efforts with just few clicks. It pushes the automation scripts to git and then Jenkins will pull them from there and executes. Same goes with Docker too.
  • SmartQE always generates the testcase execution report within the application, doesn’t matter the execution environment (i.e.. Jenkins, Docker or Local)
  • Do you want to execute a group of testcases at a time? SmartQE provides test set options for this. Just create a Test set with required testcases and execute it with just a click.
  • SmartQE also provides a list of browsers (depends on OS) to execute the web testcases on it.
  • SmartQE allows you to execute a testcase with different datasets in different execution environments on different browsers. Isn’t it sounds good?
  • Your application exists in different environments like production, staging, development etc.? No worries, SmartQE offers Build Environments to configure them and execute your testcases against your choice of environment.
  • Your application pages get changed so often? SmartQE provides a DIFF functionality to identify updated elements/properties and incorporate them into existing testcases.
  • Do you want to use some real time data to test with? Datasets can be created from the data in your database too. SmartQE allows you to access your database and get the required data to test the created testcases.
  • It is always nice to have a detailed dashboard which will give you bird view on various workflows, testcases and datasets, Right? SmartQE provides this too.

Are you left with anything to test your application’s web interface? SmartQE addresses all general and critical issues in manual approach of web automation in a smart way and saves your time and efforts by more than half. Feeling excited to try it? Please contact here for more info/queries.

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