Data Migration Testing

DevRabbit Quality Solution helps Assess, improve and manage your data for greater control

Having a clean database is critical for all data projects including analytics, data migrations and marketing automation. DevRabbit’s data preparation and monitoring application uses innovative technology, simple usability and rich functionality to simplify data preparation and transformation. Complex data processing tasks, that can take many hours or even days with other solutions, can be executed literally in seconds.

DevRabbit Data Migration Testing Services offer a comprehensive suite of tools, processes, and resource experts aligned with data migration needs.

Our Data migration testing services include:

  • Database migration / upgrade
  • ETL migration / upgrade
  • Report migration / upgrade
  • Product migration
  • Cloud migration to data lake
Data Migration

Data Migration Process

DevRabbit Data Solution Layers/Focus Areas

DR Data Solution Features and Value Additions

Core Features

  • Supports all JDBC-compliant databases and file types.
  • Schema Comparisons.
  • Supports huge volume of data
  • Supports Command line execution of test cases
  • Test case scheduler.
  • Summary & Detailed reporting.

Value Additions

  • Reuse of test cases and SQL scripts for regression.
  • Export/import test cases across installations.
  • Capture the status of test cases that are executed through command line, scheduler and through tool.
  • User-friendly reporting in formats like HTML, Excel etc.

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