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Goal of Test Design Automation

  • Reduce around 50% of manual test design efforts
  • Increase test coverage
  • Import and export test conditions from SmartQE to any test management tools
  • Map test conditions to regression library and map to automation, will give automation coverage of a feature
  • BRAT Text Annotations is integrated to read requirements from Jira or CA Agile Center
  • Google TensorFlow is integrated to predict risk against changes

Features of Test Design Automation

SmartQE read requirements from SRS, HLD documents or CA Agile center or JIRA tools with automatic text annotation BRAT against domain specifics pre-determined key words. Identify list of events, actions, inputs and output from requirement and populate in SmartQE. Apply testing techniques (EQA, BAV and all pair etc..) to generate test conditions. Mark test conditions as regression and move those into regression library or automation. Map test conditions to existing or new automation scripts. Provide regression automation coverage. It reduces around 50% of manual effort of analysing and design test conditions.

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