Blogs How to improve ROI with Test automation (saving time, effort and money)?

How to improve ROI with Test automation (saving time, effort and money)?

By Admin July 22, 2019

While building a high-quality app or product, the critical phase of manually testing to validate UI, User experience, Business logic, Capacity, and demand is a laborious and time-consuming process. This blog helps in understanding how to automate and identify defects early on at all stages of Agile cycle, from Coding to control environments.

SmartQE best automation practices will help you to achieve the best return on Investment. Multiple open source technology frameworks support to automation code coverage, unit test, functional (Web, API, and Mobile), performance, security, infrastructure monitoring, and Test data with reputation. Automate design, data and execution on multiple environments (Dev, QA, and Stage, etc..) against test types (functional, automation, performance and security) and levels (Unit, Component, Integration, and SIT). Help you to automate test lab setup with required hardware and software are to support parallel executions

Below metrics will help to determine automation ROI

  • Quality – Determine no of defects found at QA against post-production
  • Test Coverage - List of test conditions and variations against each requirement/features/business process
  • Detect defects early - Continuous end-to-end testing allows your code to be tested repeatedly will be able to detect problems early in the development process. Using Agile, shift-left, and DevOps, applications/products can be tested earlier on in the process. Early detections allow your application is bugs free. This saves time so that your team does not reach the end-stage to understand the glitches and it can be caught in the earlier stages in application/product development, this means saving time, effort and money
  • Accuracy and Speed - Tested our application/product in a shorter period with greater accuracy with greater coverage for quicker detection of defects at any time without taking any shortcuts
  • Accessibility – SmartQE allow to access to objects, data, as well as operating systems and test suites
  • Flexibility – Application/Product becomes more complex; automation can be used again and again as and when needed. This means your application/product can be updated faster pace. The Updated regular interval will have a better image in the market, which turns in better profitability

High automation coverage with ROI leads to quality application/product, leads to desired business benefits:

  • Happy clients and loyal end-users
  • Reduce time to market
  • Cost and time-saving b/w manual Vs automation
  • Maximize resources
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