Blogs How to close Dev and QA on same day of sprint in Agile world with DevOps?

How to close Dev and QA on same day of sprint in Agile world with DevOps?

By Admin June 17, 2019

QA is a critical part of an Agile software development world.

While the expectation is to have Development & QA run in parallel and end at the same time of the sprint, therefore both need to close their tasks before the release date.

But in real world, QA needs at least 5 to 6 days of an exclusive window to complete current sprint and regression validation. So, the challenge remains as to how we can close the Dev and QA tasks on the same day of the sprint.

Let’s understand how this can be made possible with this intelligent tool called SmartQE.

SmartQE is integrated with Git code repo, which will do code quality, unit test automation and continuous integration using Jenkins. It builds on Kubernetes, Docker and container platform. It helps in reducing the deployment and configuration time as well as optimize the hardware and software resource utilization.

In SmartQE, Web, API and mobile automation modules maximize automation coverage with the grab elements and generate scripts dynamically. Diff feature in SmartQE reduces script maintenance time by more than 50%.

It is a combination of latest open source tools, technologies and frameworks making it highly flexible, customizable and can be integrated to third party test and defect management tools.

SmartQE can do functional, automation features validation in UI, User experience and business logic. Non-functional features validate capacity and demand.

SmartQE uses latest open source tools, technologies, frameworks and DevOps features, based on which it is possible to complete QA tasks on same day when Developers freeze the code for a sprint.

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