Infrastructure Testing

Testing software requires a specialized infrastructure. We have the skills to configure your platforms properly.


Testing software requires specialized tools running on platforms that are complex and specialized. If your infrastructure is lacking, the final software product will suffer.

As one of the world’s leading software QA providers, Devrabbit can help. We provide the necessary tools, for both desktop and mobile environments, either on your premises or through our cloud infrastructure.


Strong Test Environment Management System (TEMS)

Following the proven processes and techniques of our ITIL-based Test Environment Management System (TEMS), our clients can control the cost and quality issues involved in the test environment and the management of QA activities.

Testing Tools Management Service

This service uses a proven framework to enhance the utilization and availability of testing tools. It helps your team test applications faster, more cost effectively and with optimal results.

Cloud-Based TEMS

This version of our Test Environment Management System leverages the cloud as a cost effective and quick-to-implement testing environment.

Devrabbit Mobility Testing Lab

Our cloud-based "test lab-as-a-service” solution revolutionizes mobile app testing. It saves time and infrastructure maintenance costs by automating mobile app testing in the cloud and on-demand scaling to support multiple mobile devices. It shortens the testing cycle by 50% or more.

Infrastructure Testing Key Focus Areas

Organizations across the globe continue to make significant investments in revamping their IT infrastructure as part of their business growth plans. However, the lack of structured approach to validate the underlying IT infrastructure leads to technical glitches and outages, resulting in severe business impact.

Backup Configuration Validation and Monitoring

  • Success / Fail Logs
  • Scheduled Tasks (RTO and RPO)
  • Verify Backup Images

Hypervisor / Virtualization Services

  • VM Server Appliance services
  • VM Tools Service
  • VM Storage Service
  • Inventory Service
  • Network Dump Collector Services
  • Log Browser
  • Auto Deploy Service
  • Data Service

High Availability Configuration

  • Operating System HA (cluster, load)
  • Storage (Multi pithing, HBA)
  • Hypervisor (validation, Cluster, HA)
  • Database (High availability validation)
  • Privileges

Customer Application on OS Layer

  • Database Services
  • Application Services
  • Web Services
  • Middleware Services

Remote and API Security

  • Security Risks
  • VPN Risks & Privileges
  • Physical access to shared machines
  • Host identity verification

Operating System Health Validation

  • Hardware and Their I/O operations boot logs, kernel settings.
  • File-system manipulation
  • Process control
  • Device management
  • Boot map checks (BIOS)

Core Service Validation

  • File System Services
  • Driver module, Service Event
  • Alert Services & Configuration files check
  • TCP-IP, SNMP Configurations
  • HTTP Configurations

User Access Polices and Privileges

  • Creating secure accounts with required Privileges
  • Group Verification's
  • Security roles and Security policies

Security Services Validations

  • Authentication, Authorization, Audit
  • Program Threats
  • System Threats
  • Antivirus engines, Network Acess, and Softwares

Storage Servies

  • High Availability (UCS, EMC, Vplex, DELL, HP, Hitachi)
  • File Services
  • Fibre Channel
  • ISCSI checks
  • Strong LUN Disks

Health Acceptance Result

  • CPU, Memory, Services report
  • Usage Report
  • Vulnerability reports

Network Service Validation

  • Switches & Routers Validations
  • VLAN's IP Schema Validations
  • Load Balancer and AAA Validations

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