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Goal of Automation

  • Single platform to support all open source automation frameworks
  • Open source automation framework support AS400 and Mainframe application automation
  • Tester can pick up test execution location (local or remote through Jenkins or Docker Containerization) and execute test suites
  • Easy to install and configure
  • Setup test lab in Quick time, reduce hardware and software’s license cost
  • Reduce around 50% test scripts development and execution time
  • Test data automation
  • Summary and detailed test execution reports
  • QE enablement compared to Traditional QA
  • Reduce validation cycle time
  • Step by step user manuals

Features of Automation

  • Integrated with CI and CD tools
  • Test management tools can be integrated
  • Test design and automation are integrated to capture metrics
  • DB can be configured to extract test data from DB at run time
  • Diff feature in SmartQE help to identify changes in current and previous release element properties. Sync element properties to make scripts maintenance is easy in Agile world
  • API automation framework supports JSON and XML message formats and support CRUD Operations
  • Test reports/results can be archived
  • Schedule automatic test executions
  • Frameworks and test scripts are loaded into source control tools
  • Test set can be created by grouping multiple test cases
  • One data set can configure to multiple test cases or test sets
  • Identify list of inputs and output from requirements at the time of test design will populate as a default test data set once it’s mapped test conditions to scripts

Test Data automation

SmartQE - Web, API and Mobile automation Architecture

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