Blogs How to certify the success of business critical applications/products ?

How to certify the success of business critical applications/products ?

By Admin Dec 5, 2019

Cybersecurity violations are happening as a direct result of poorly constructed applications that lack of quality and due to vulnerabilities in the code design.

Most of the client environments are either legacy or digitally based. Typical application attacks are authentication, SQL injections, Unprotected internal APIs, Business Model Attacks, etc.

To make sure the application/Product is successful, below are the steps to follow:

  • SmartQE team Connects with business users to understand the business context and implement full test automation scripts for UI using SmartQE.
  • Business logic and capacity validation by the execution of scripts generated from SmartQE for different workload models.
  • SmartQE provides vulnerability Assessment based on report log after execution which determines all entry and exit points.
  • SmartQE proactively tests host network authentication and large scale auditing purpose.
  • Detailed report trends in the security dashboard for analysis purposes.
  • SmartQE tool scans cross-site scripting for common application defects.

Application accessibility evaluation by using SmartQE can reduce the time and effort required to carry out evaluations.

Live network analysis to overcome occurrences of security violations using SmartQE.

SmartQE identifies unexpected breakdown and saves additional cost required for fixing security issues.

SmartQE automates as well as exhaustive manual website security testing identifies flaws in your web application security and business logic related vulnerabilities and SmartQE security test plan targets weak authentication, insecure session management, hosting platforms, etc..

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