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Execute Testcases/Testsuites in SmartQE on Remote Execution

By Admin Nov 29, 2019

SmartQE is the best platform to run the testcase’s/testsuite’s on Local/Remote (Jenkins/Docker)

Remote Execution works in smart way compared to local like

  1. User no need to maintain the code
  2. Grab the code from the repository like Github
  3. Jenkins/Docker configuration automatically.
  4. Build/Run the job
  5. Execute selected testcase’s /testsuite’s and generate the detailed step by step Report in SmartQE.

All of the above steps will be done by a single click on SmartQE

Selection of Docker:

  1. SmartQE will take care of required installations to run the testcase’s/testsuite’s
  2. Docker is a tool that is designed to benefit both developers and system admins.
  3. For developers, they can focus to write code without any breakups about the system.
  4. In docker can run thousands of testcase/testsuites in a Docker container.
  5. Docker gives the benefit to reduces the number of systems
  6. Docker will create the container to execute the testcases/testsuites. once complete the execution it generates the report in SmartQE.

Selection of Jenkins:

In Jenkins Mode, the Testcase is executed in Jenkins specified machine, all the configuration are configured from SmartQE for the first time only.

The best part about SmartQE is that it supports all the major browsers like Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer and Safari for remote execution.

Advantages of Remote execution.

  • Client doesn't require any hardware system to execute the Testcase.
  • Users can directly access the SmartQE website anywhere and execute the regression test cases (multiple also).
  • Execution speed is increases by double compared to local execution.
  • No code maintenance is required, Smartqe will take care of it.
  • SmartQE supports Web, API modules execution in remotely and reports are generated.
  • SmartQE supports desktop applications run on Remotely(using Jenkins) by assign the dedicated system for running application. 

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