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DevOps is a culture to expedite software development life cycle through automate manual tasks and eliminate non-value add activities. DevOps means an integrated view of automation across the software, operations, quality, and processes. It helps to reduce costs, time and deliver of end-to-end IT agility. The main goal of QA in DevOps is software quality by testing often and releasing often in the Agile world.

SmartQE is the platform can integrate CI and CD tools very easily. Help to test and release software often and increased collaboration between teams and cultural shift for better quality SmartQE provisioning of virtualized test environments through containerization platform

DevOps has emerged for the following reasons:

  • The existence of traditionally siloed team structures that did not scale to meet the varied needs of modern enterprises.
  • The philosophical disconnect between development, testing and operations teams, which resulted in poor communication, collaboration and integration.
  • The accelerating progression of digital technologies, which has evolved faster than the underlying processes used to deploy, extend and manage them.

From our perspective, four key activities define DevOps.

Continuous Everything As Continuous Development

DevOps at a Glance

Collaborative Development

Increased Collaboration between teams

Continuous Integration & Continuous Testing

Integration of software testing with deployment and operation

Continuous Release and Deployment

Increased delivery speed and frequency

Continuous Monitoring

Improved quality by monitoring production performance

Devops Solution Architecture

In our view, continuous testing (CT) is the first step in the right direction when embarking on a DevOps journey. CT is a metaphor for a continuous feedback mechanism that drives software delivery through the SDLC tunnel. Automated feedback at each checkpoint is an auto-trigger for the next process in the delivery chain if the feedback is to move forward, or green. If the feedback is do not move forward, the process immediately is stopped, and corrective measures are taken.

DevOps Features

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