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ServiceNow Now Mobile Platform Release and Functional QA Automation with SmartQE

By Admin Sep 17, 2020

SmartQE is a containerized Cloud based SaaS opensource framework for ServiceNow Now mobile platform release and functional test automation. SmartQE can easily integrate mobile Cloud testing platforms Sauce Labs, BrowserStack and Perfecto Mobile. SmartQE helps to automate iOS and Android platforms release tasks.

SmartQE mobile framework increase test coverage of Native, Web & Hybrid, Text, Image/Icon Object Identification, Gesture Support, Keyboard Support, Call & SMS simulation, virtual and real device, mobile browsers on Cloud-hosted Now mobile platform.

ServiceNow Now Mobile platform integrates IT, HR, facilities, finance, legal, and other departments from a mobile app. Update records, coordinate with coworkers, track your location, and work without an internet connection from your mobile device. Current Madrid release have better mobility of services, offering intuitive user experiences.

SmartQE supports below ServiceNow Now Mobile platform features

  • Global search, Service catalog, Virtual Agent and live chat and Photo search
  • Knowledge articles, Dynamic menus, landing pages and Mobile app management
  • Analytics, Mobile targeted campaigns, Studio IDE and Delegated Development
  • Integration Hub, APIs and Integration tools and Now Platform CI/CD
  • Guided Tour Designer, Guided App Creator and Source Control
  • Flow Designer and Service Portal Designer
  • Service management, Orchestration and Engagement portals
  • Case management, Enterprise integration and Data tracking
  • • Are you looking for a rapid Cloud mobile deployment tool kit?
  • • Do you integrate mobile release and functional automation into Dev and Ops with an external secured API’s?
  • • Do you update scrips when there is an update ServiceNow Classic mobile app UI element or migrate from ServiceNow Classic to ServiceNow mobile?
  • • Do you automate administrators push notifications and validate users are able to receive them or not?
  • • Automate native mobile applications are localized (Native device) localization, Server-side localization
  • • Do you feel automation scripts execution on latest two versions of Apple iOS, and the latest 4 versions of Google Android is a challenge?
SmartQE’s Key Differentiators
  • SmartQE is a containerized cloud based code free and script free framework
  • SmartQE delivers seamless experiences and connect your enterprise
  • SmartQE integrates Sauce Labs cloud-based platform and helps developers test native & hybrid mobile and web applications across 700+ browser / OS platforms, including iOS, Android & Mac. Sauce supports Selenium, Appium and popular Javascript unit testing frameworks
  • Supports all native iOS, Android controls and standard gestures (touch, flick, etc.) as well as complex, multi-touch gestures
  • Supports Test Data automation and data driven validation
  • Test on both real devices and emulators/simulators without the hassle of device maintenance
  • SmartQE performs Test execution on local, private or public Cloud environments
  • Measure performance by N/W types 2G, 3G, 4G against RT, CPU, Battery, GPU, Memory and network utilization.
  • Performs security testing on mobile native, web and hybrid apps against M3 mobile standards
  • It is integrated to industry proven DevOps opensource, Azure and Atlassian tools.
  • SmartQE automates test design, data, execution and analytics
  • Provides AI and ML powered analytics to ascertain release health
  • SmartQE’s open API’s help to integrate any DevOps tools
  • Low code or No code release and test automation
  • SmartQE provides a Docker environment to enable parallel execution to speed up Test Execution and release
  • SmartQE enables anyone to use it, with no coding experience, promote shift left testing
Value Addons
  • SmartQE helps Now platform customization and delivery life cycle by 3X speed
  • Reusable and generic Now platform scripts will reduce test life cycle time by 50%
  • Simple, fast, flexible, affordable, reliable release and test automation framework
  • One stop solution for automate release and test mobile native, web and hybrid apps on Android and iOS platforms
  • Reduce release and test cycles time and cost by half.
  • Create, visualize, reuse release and test processes
  • Software delivering Quality, Faster and Simpler, automate your test less than manual testing cost
  • Release and test maintenance time and effort will reduce by 70%
  • Build scheduled or On demand release and test pipeline jobs
  • Runtime test lab setup will reduce 70% of hardware and software resource utilization
  • AI and ML Powered test automation dashboard at project, sprint, workflow, testset and testcases reports acquire, aggregate and analyze test reports to ascertain release health
  • No coding skills required to get started, superfast release and test scripts development
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