Blogs Looking for an Opensource Test Automation Cloud Framework for ServiceNow Applications and Integration?

Looking for an Opensource Test Automation Cloud Framework for ServiceNow Applications and Integration?

By Admin Sep 10, 2020

SmartQE is a containerized Cloud based SaaS opensource framework for ServiceNow applications and integration of functional test automation. SmartQE can easily integrate ServiceNow operations and collaboration applications.

SmartQE is the only opensource framework in the market that supports complete ServiceNow applications and integration of functional test automation

ServiceNow provides service management software as a service for IT, Employees and customers work flows along with NOW platform (IT services management- ITSM, IT operations management- ITOM and IT business management- ITBM).

  • IT Work Flow
    • IT Service Management
    • IT Operations Management
    • IT Business Management
    • Software Asset Management
    • Security Operations
    • Governance, Risk, and Compliance
  • Employee Workflows - HR Service Delivery
  • Customer Workflows - Customer Service Management
  • Now Platform - Now Platform App Engine

  • Customizations and frequent upgrades put lot of pressure on testing of ServiceNow implementations around the world
  • Do you need workflow process automation with an opensource framework?
  • Do you have to perform test with different input values to support quick releases cycles?
  • Do you notice complexities in automation testing of ServiceNow App’s custom UIs?
  • Automated testing falls behind changing requirements of ServiceNow App’s
  • How do you choose between an expensive enterprise tool vs. an OpenSource ? While one means high upfront costs the other means a lot of additional effort and added cost in maintaining it.
  • What about the implications of users needing coding skills, C#, Java, etc… is your Test team equipped enough?
  • Do you have different frameworks for Web, Mobile, desktop and Cloud release and test automation for ServiceNow applications?
  • How does CI/CD & DevOps integrate to this?
  • How do you future proof your framework?
SmartQE’s Key Differentiators
  • SmartQE uses an intelligent grabber for ServiceNow Web and Mobile apps using which you can create automated tests for ServiceNow Web and Mobile apps
  • Ready Made Frameworks – Selenium, Appium, (Winium soon), JMeter, Locust, API’s, etc..
  • Library of Re-useable functions and processes to Fast Track release and test Automation – ServiceNow Applications
  • SmartQE automates release, test design, data, execution & analytics on single platform
  • SmartQE supports Low code or No code platform
  • SmartQE is integrated to Jenkins & Azure and Atlassian DevOps to support CI/CD
  • One Free Platform where users can undertake release and manual testing, automation, API testing, Performance & Security Testing
  • Selenium, Appium, Java, Python and Cucumber Powered SDK
  • Rest assured API automation framework to validate JSON, WSDL, XML
  • SmartQE incorporate AI, ML & Predictive analytics be used in automation to deliver time, effort & cost savings
  • SmartQE exposes API’s to integrate enterprise DevOps
  • SmartQE integrates Atlassian and Azure DevOps
  • SmartQE enables validating of multiple inputs with one script
Value Addons
  • Increase team productivity by removing dependencies which turned around in delivering more work with high quality.
  • Reduce manual efforts by introducing automation testing will reduce time and cost by 50%.
  • Increase customer revenue by delivering more quality of QA work.
  • UI screen grabber enables testing the custom page components, reduce 60% of script developer effort and time
  • Run time docker containerized test execution reduce 50% of hardware and software utilization
  • Run time docker containerization support parallel test execution, reduce 70% of total test execution time
  • Accelerate end-to-end and regression testing for customized ServiceNow applications
  • AI and ML Powered test automation dashboard at project, sprint workflow, testset and testcases reports acquire, aggregate and analyze test reports to ascertain release health
  • No coding skills required to get started, superfast test scripts development
  • Help ServiceNow application and integration of test automation for faster time-to-market
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