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Scale up QA to perform QE job using SmartQE

By Admin Feb 03, 2020

These days most organizations spend a lot of time, effort and cost in implementing and executing Quality Assurance as it addresses a critical milestone in the Agile software development world.

Even though we spend lot of time and money, we still face few last minute surprises before releasing the build or sprint.

In every release cycle, Quality Analysts do not get much of a time as the deadlines are hard and development to QA releases happen at the nth hour. To address the problems of QA, and to make the QA life easier, DevRabbit has developed a solution that can significantly bring down QA efforts and release cycle time too.


Using SmartQE, your Quality Analyst can automate quality procedures and become a Quality Engineer.

Let’s understand how this can be made possible with this intelligent tool called SmartQE:

  • SmartQE is basically a unique platform to support application QA life cycle from process assessment, test design automation, test data mining, execution, non-functional testing and reporting for Web, cloud, mobile and API technology stack.
  • QE writes automation scripts which takes most of his/her time on any day, whereas QA writes manual testcases. SmartQE eliminates both of these efforts and saves time by generating them automatically with just a few clicks.
  • In Web and Mobile automations, QE spends much time to identify xpaths of elements. SmartQE eliminates this effort completely and identifies all the possible xpaths of each and every element in pages. So, You can expect your QA to perform this QE job.
  • Generally, QE has to re-write the automation scripts when xpaths are changed in pages. SmartQE helps here too. It handles the updated elements using ‘Page Diff’ feature and re-generate the required automation scripts in just a click. So, QA can do this too.
  • SmartQE imports the requirements to be automated or tested from the project management tool like Jira, and generates the test cases by applying industry testing techniques like All pairs, Boundary value analysis and Equivalence etc. So, QA efforts are reduced. Right?
  • SmartQE allows you to map the generated manual testcases to automation testcases. So, that QA can perform automation with manual datasets.
  • All these testcases can be mapped to your sprints of Jira project, so that dashboard shows the testcases per sprint.
  • SmartQE has a detailed dashboard which gives a bird view on current status of your project and its workflows, also shows how many testcases or datasets are created, how much test coverage is done in current sprint, etc.. and many more.
  • All your testcases can be grouped together to create a Testset (like smoke, sanity, and regression.. etc) and execute all the testcases at one shot. Isn’t it helpful to QA to test all of them quickly when time is limited before release?
  • SmartQE provides execution environments like Local, Jenkins and Docker. Automation scripts generation and execution takes place based on this selected environment.
  • Setting up Jenkins and Docker ready for execution is not an easy task for QE. But SmartQE eliminates such efforts with just a few clicks. It pushes the automation scripts to git and then Jenkins will pull them from there and executes.
  • SmartQE generates the testcase or testset execution report within the application, doesn’t matter the execution environment (i.e.. Jenkins, Docker or Local). The report is detailed enough and is downloadable.
  • SmartQE is intelligent enough to predict the testcases that are going to fail in upcoming sprints based on past history, So QA can focus more on them to not happen so.
  • Apart from functional testing, QA can also perform non-functional Testing too. Performance of your application can be analyzed and monitored using SmartQE. It also gives a detailed report of performance on each version of build release.
  • SmartQE also performs a vulnerability assessments on your application, and gives a detailed report of security flaws, vulnerabilities your application is exposed to. So, You can expect your QA to perform this too.
  • SmartQE uses industry best standard tools, methodologies and as well as custom scripts and tools to conduct a thorough vulnerability analysis on the target systems and report them based on severity.
  • With vast experience, in-depth technical knowledge and custom-built tools, SmartQE finds weaknesses skipped by most automated scanners.

This is how the SmartQE, one stop solution for all quality assurance activities, helps QA to test product/application in all 360 degrees of testing life-cycle and scales him/her up. Would you too like to scale up your QA to perform all these tasks using SmartQE? Please contact here for more info/queries.

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