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Mobile Automation in Smart way

Mobile Automation in Smart way

By Admin Dec 20, 2019

Mobile Automation is also one of the core features of SmartQE. Any mobile app (android/ios) can be automated using SmartQE, doesn’t matter whether it is a native/hybrid app.

Generally, an automation engineer requires to have much knowledge to configure and automate Android, iOS apps. SmartQE addresses all common problems in configuration and automation of mobile apps and provides the solutions in smart way, just like it does in Web and API workflows. This ensures user don’t need to have much knowledge on automation.

Let’s see how SmartQE deals with automation of mobile applications:

  • SmartQE allows you to create Mobile workflows using which we can automate android and iOS applications.
  • It provides a simple user interface to select executable file of respective platform.
  • Then it detects all desired capabilities automatically as below:
  • Identification of all elements and xpaths in every page requires lots of efforts by automation engineer in general. SmartQE eliminates all these manual efforts and provides all available xpaths of all elements, in just a click.
  • You are allowed to view the identified xpaths of each element and update them if required.
  • It also provides a simple user interface to create Pages and Screens (which are application specific terminologies) from the selected elements. These are very much required to create testcases.
  • Now, testcases can be created from available screens within few clicks. This Testcase is nothing but a series of screens with required elements in every screen.
  • The dataset for this testcase will fulfill the elements with required data or action to perform on it.
  • That’s all. Now the testcase with dataset is ready for execution. Select both of them and execute. Isn’t it simple and smart?
  • SmartQE automatically generates automation scripts and execute them, just like it does in Web and API workflows. This is one of the unique powers of SmartQE. You really don’t need to write a single line of automation code to create and execute a testcase. Isn’t it saved your time and efforts?
  • You don’t need to be a programming guy. Any one can create and execute testcases without having much knowledge on automation.
  • The generated automation scripts are based on page object model, and also easy to understand and customize.
  • SmartQE allows you to pick emulators/simulators as well as real devices to execute the testcases on.
  • Few actions like swiping/scrolling are performed automatically when specific element is located on the screen.
  • It handles dismissal of dialogs/alerts automatically.
  • SmartQE generates scripts in such a way that you don’t need to develop new scripts all the time even if version of the OS on device changes.
  • Do you need a detailed report of testcase execution? No worries, SmartQE provides in-detailed, downloadable html report of every action in execution process.
  • It captures screenshots in failure case and incorporates into report.
  • Xpaths identification, writing code for testcase, executing them with multiple data items, in-detailed reporting etc are the most time consuming tasks in automation. SmartQE kicks all of them out and reduces your efforts by 70%.
  • You can group the testcases to create a Testset to execute all of them with just a click. This will definitely help in reducing the time-to-market of an application by allowing quick execution of testsets before publishing the apps to respective stores.
  • Execution results are shown on every testcase as well as on a well organized dashboard page of SmartQE application.
  • Do you want to use real time data to execute Testcases? SmartQE fetches the data from your configured database to create datasets. This will ensure your application is tested with real time data.
  • SmartQE will diagnose and fix common node, iOS and Android configuration issues before starting test execution.
  • SmartQE allows you to redo the test exactly the same, and with different dataset too. Every testcase can be tested with any number of datasets.

What else you want in mobile automation? SmartQE provides solutions in all the phases of automation, from configuration to reporting. Feeling excited? Please contact here for more info/queries.

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