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Continuous Testing Using Containers - SmartQE

Continuous Testing Using Containers - SmartQE

By Admin Jun 11, 2020

SmartQE runs in a multi-container docker application. We can compose YAML file and configure SmartQE services with a single command. It has an in-built test container approach with a single bundle application binary including testing tools, plugins, test scripts, test environment with all required packages.

SmartQE is a containerized cloud based SaaS framework for continuous testing using containers. SmartQE Python BDD framework supports code coverage with SonarQube, PEP8, 20 and pyflakes, unit testing with jasmine and chai & JUnit, functional testing with Selenium Cucumber and performance testing with locust run in a container.

Our current agile world does not have time to spend days and weeks to integrate changes and test. SmartQE tests the code in the main trunk which could go to production at any time

Test engineers can own their development machine, spin up the services and dependencies that would be available in production with their code deployed on top. They can fully test this code, at unit level, integration level, user interface and application security test on the code. What they are testing is the same that would be deployed in production.

SmartQE is a single AI and ML powered open source intelligent and smart container framework that would automate build, release, deployment, functionality, performance, network, security, compatibility, usability, installation & provisioning test type all at one place.

SmartQE is a self-service portal with rich UI, rapid deployments, supports multi-cloud environments and customized reporting. AI and ML powered release and test automation dashboard acquire, aggregate and analyze test reports to ascertain release health.

  • Are you struggling with continuous code move to production anytime?
  • Build test environments and maintains is difficult continuous testing using containers with unique configurations, operating system or dependency versions
  • Are you looking for a solution to increase deployment frequency for core applications, emergency fixes and critical business needs - daily, weekly and bi-weekly?
  • Are you looking for a reliable and repeatable framework between Dev and Ops organizations?
  • Do you find a solution to optimize hardware and software resources, Spin containers at test execution run time with help of compose file and collapse containers after execution?
SmartQE’s Key Differentiators
  • Verifies newly integrated piece of code for errors at earliest by running automated tests
  • Configure framework within 20 minutes on Cloud or on premise through docker compose YAML file as its total size is not more than 400 mb include default DB
  • Design test scripts at one time, extend them in any environment
  • No need to setup and configure testing tools as they are part of docker image
  • Use container to spin test environments at runtime
  • Test data management and simpler test runs within container
  • Software is deployable at any time, easily push any version software on demand to any environment
  • Runs exactly the same tests using the same testing tools on development, staging, or production if environments are repeatable.
  • Container architecture is so light on resources that 10 or more instances can run simultaneously on a single server in common test scenarios.
  • Continuous delivery model can reduce risk, because changes are made in an incremental model.
Value Addons
  • SmartQE’s architecture is so light that it can spin multiple containers at runtime to run parallel test execution of 500 API and 1500 UI test scripts in 10 minutes
  • SmartQE container runs 350 API test scripts in 90 secs
  • Simple, fast, flexible, 800+ UI test scripts are executed in 25 minutes in a container.
  • SmartQE is one stop solution for continuous testing with containers
  • Testing cycle accelerates the refined software toward the customer by 10X speed using containers
  • An enterprise can divide the testing schedule into several sprints to work on easily reproducible containers
  • SmartQE reduces release and test cycles time and cost by half.
  • It is simple & Intuitive to use
  • Deliver quality software, faster and simpler by automating your testing for a price less than manual testing
  • SmarQE needs no exclusive coding skills to get started, to deliver test scripts development and superfast releases.
Value Addons
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