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Container code base application release and test automation with SmartQE

By Admin Aug 28, 2020
Problem Statement

Do you have one or more dedicated or pre-provisioned environments to support different types of automated test executions? Each test environment only run specific types of tests, code quality & Unit test run on dev environment. Functional & Regression test run on QA environment. Performance test run on exclusive environment similar to production.

Wait for test environment availability because environment shared across teams. Spending time to setup and maintain test environments

Current release and test automation is taking hours to complete, and is challenge to integrate into DevOps and Cloud.


SmartQE offers container code base application release and test automation solution for variety of challenges. It supports small opensource or an enterprise project with a large team.

SmartQE containerize applications, i.e. the environment becomes part of the release and deployment. Set up the required containers and configure the required environment. All services and configuration containing the various containerized components that we need to put together as a template (environment-as-code), execute to create a specific type of test environment.

SmartQE is a containerized framework for continuous testing using containers. SmartQE’s Python BDD framework supports Code coverage with SonarQube, PEP8, PEP20 and pyflakes, Unit testing with jasmine and chai & JUnit, functional testing with Selenium Cucumber and performance testing with locust run in a container.

SmartQE tests the code at the unit, integration, functional, user interface, application security and performance on the code. What you are testing is the same would be deployed in production.

Need a container that runs headless for UI tests, test data? You will need a database inside a container with the test data pre-loaded as a snapshot. Prerequisites are required to run your tests is available in your containerized test environment.

Containerize the components of test environment should describe the set-up of the various test environments using template. Docker Compose supports the use of multiple compose files that complement or overwrite each other.

Key features
  • Test Automation Tools & Analytics
  • Collaborative Test Repository
  • Easy Deployment & Execution
  • DevOps Tool Integrations
  • Easy to Integrate Atlassian tools
  • One framework for release and test automation
  • Easy to integrate and configure Azure, AWS and OpenShift Cloud platforms
  • SmartQE’s External APIs help to integrate DevOps tools
  • Create on demand test environments
  • On-demand parallel test execution
  • Reduced cost
  • Verify newly integrated piece of code for errors at earliest by running automated tests
  • Reduce release and test cycles time and cost by half. Simple & Intuitive to use
  • Software delivering Quality, Faster and Simpler, automate your test less than manual testing cost
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