Blogs Looking to reduce your QA efforts? SmartQE comes to Rescue you

Looking to reduce your QA efforts? SmartQE comes to Rescue you

By Admin Mar 18,2021

    SmartQE is an intelligent automation platform, built on top of cutting edge open source technologies and provides you one stop solution for all the QA practices like application life cycle validation assessment, test design automation, test data mining, execution, non-functional testing, reporting for web, cloud, mobile and API technology stack and deployment management. Helps you to reduce overall IT development and maintenance cost.

    As most of the organizations thriving to build their business online. Having a Reliable Web Application that serves the business needs is very important for the success of the Business. SmartQE helps you deliver high quality and reliable web apps.

    We are going to discuss how SmartQE, the one stop solution helps us by providing 360deg testing for your product or application.

    Handles common challenges in WEB automation: SmartQE addresses all general and critical issues in manual approach of web automation in a smart way and saves your time and efforts by more than half. 

    Generally, identification of xpaths is tedious and time consuming task. QA spends most of his/her time on finding out xpaths manually. These xpaths might also change after designing the testcases which might result in duplication of efforts, thereby an increase in additional IT cost and longer application development time.

    SmartQE addresses this problem intelligently by detecting all the xpaths in a given page and displays them in its own GUI, so that user can easily select the required xpath without having to inspect manually. It also provides different kinds of xpaths for every element you are going to deal with.

    SmartQE is capable of handling web pages whose elements might change dynamically due to various scripts modifying the DOM.

    SmartQE provides an intuitive user interface one can create pages and screens from the selected elements. This will help us with creating test cases with ease.

    SmartQE comes up with an inbuilt browser to grab the source of mobile/web pages. Usually, QE has to re-write the automation scripts when xpaths are changed in source pages. SmartQE helps here too. It handles the updated elements using the ‘Page Diff’ feature and re-generate the required automation scripts in just a click.

    It can be easily integrated with CI/CD pipelines and allows you to perform testcase execution remotely. The best part about SmartQE is that it supports all the major browsers like Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer and Safari for remote execution.

    Detailed Reporting: Reporting plays a key role in identifying whether key business aspects are covered or not after testcase execution. SmartQE comes with an intelligent reporting module which captures all the screenshots of the errors occurred during the testcase execution along with the additional information like the page in which the error occurred etc. This will help us to locate errors with ease. It generates the testcase or testset execution report within the application, no matter where you execute them (i.e. Jenkins, Docker or Local). The generated report is detailed enough and is downloadable to get meaningful insights.

    Auto Generation of Boilerplate Code: SmartQE automatically generates the scripts and execute them with one click. It reduces the QA’s time and effort tremendously. The scripts which are generated will be in POM (Page Object Model) which can be understood and customizable easily.

    Apart from Web automation support, SmartQE also helps you to test your APIs and mobile apps and all corner areas where your application should get tested.

    Code Quality and Coverage: SmartQE’s code quality analysis helps you to discover hidden vulnerabilities, coding standards, design flaws, and verifies if key security controls are implemented. It uses combination of (Istanbul, PEP8, PEP20 and Pyflakes and SonarQube) scanning tools and manual review to identify missing standards, detect insecure coding practices, back doors, injection flaws, cross site scripting flaws, insecure handling of external resources, weak cryptography.

    Performance And Load Testing: SmartQE helps to assess your system’s capacity for growth and compares application performance on different load levels, expedite the performance testing activities with integration of Performance Test accelerators & execute the tests on different platforms and Cloud.

    This is how SmartQE, the one stop solution for all quality assurance activities, helps QA to test your product/application in all 360 degrees of testing life-cycle and scales him/her up. Would you too like to scale up your QA to perform all these tasks using SmartQE? Please contact here for more info/queries.

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