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Benefits of API Automation using SmartQE

By Admin Jan 21,2021

APIs act as a glue that helps connect devices, products, assets, and other objects with the applications that make use of the data they generate. APIs are critical in terms of data and work as a mediator between the web/mobile app and the device or between system or system components. They need to be tested to ensure that the data are represented correctly. Testing the API solves many issues in the application, which may arise in the future, but adherence to the best practices will always minimize the flaws.

API testing is critical for automating testing because APIs now serve as the primary interface to application logic and because GUI tests are difficult to maintain with the short release cycles and frequent changes commonly used with Agile software development and DevOps.

Not only API automation, any testing activity - if followed with basic standards and best practices – will always result to withstand or overcome any adverse conditions on rigorous testing.

SmartQE is an automation testing platform, proficient in testing of a wide range of APIs. Our end to end applications validation experience at various layers of the application helps in executing a successful API.


Benefits of API Automation:

  1. Finds the bugs

  2. Reduces testing time

  3. Test for Core Functionality

  4. Language Independent - JSON or XML

  5. Easy Integration With GUI

  6. Access Without UI


Additional Benefits offered by SmartQE - Apart from all the above, SmartQE offers the below unique benefits and features too.

  • Test with multiple datasets - SmartQE allows you to create the datasets for your APIs. Dataset is nothing but the data items required for all the fields of API i.e Headers, URL params, Body, Authorization etc. Datasets allow you to test your API with all different test data items. You are allowed to create multiple datasets for a single API.

  • Auto Generated Scripts - Create a testcase with required APIs and datasets and execute it. That’s all. SmartQE will generate the automation scripts for the APIs and executes them automatically.

  • Easy Testsets - You can also group your testcases to create a Testset (like smoke, sanity, and regression.. etc) and execute all the testcases at one shot. It is helpful to test all APIs when time is limited before release.

  • Execution Environments - SmartQE provides execution environments like Local, Jenkins and Docker. In local mode, Automation scripts generation and execution takes place on the local machine. In Jenkins mode, scripts execution will be done on configured Jenkins. In Docker mode, the execution takes place in a docker container.

  • Reduced efforts - Setting up Jenkins and Docker ready for execution is not an easy task. But SmartQE eliminates such efforts with just few clicks. It pushes the automation scripts to git and then Jenkins will pull them from there and executes. Same goes with Docker too.

  • Reporting - SmartQE always generates the testcase execution report within the application, doesn’t matter the execution environment (i.e.. Jenkins, Docker or Local). The report is detailed enough and downloadable.

  • Build Environments - Does your APIs exist in different environments like production, staging, development etc.? No worries, SmartQE offers Build Environments to configure them and execute your testcases against your choice of environment.

  • Perform Various Types of Tests - SmartQE performs various types of Test activities including Functional Testing, Load Testing and Security Testing.

  • Detailed Dashboard - It is always nice to have a detailed dashboard which will give you a bird view on various workflows, test cases and datasets, Right? SmartQE provides this too. And, All the testcases can be mapped to your sprints of Jira project so that dashboard shows the testcases per sprint.

API testing is not only the most vital testing to be done on your application, but also an easiest and quickest to execute. Using SmartQE, you can test all of the endpoints of your application no matter where they are hosted, from AWS to your local machine.

Would you like to try SmartQE ? Please contact here for more info/queries.

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