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SmartQE - Versatile Testing Platform, Tailored To Your Needs

By admin Jan 07,2021

These days most organizations spend a lot of time, effort and cost in implementing and executing Quality Assurance as it addresses a critical milestone in the Agile software development world.

Even though we invest lot of time and money, we still face few last minute surprises before releasing the build or sprint.

In every release cycle, Quality Analysts do not get much of a time as the deadlines are hard and development to QA releases happen at the N’th hour. To address the problems of QA, and to make the QA life easier, DevRabbit has developed a testing platform that can significantly bring down QA efforts and release cycle time too.

SmartQE is a unique platform to support application life cycle validation from process assessment, test design automation, test data mining, execution, non-functional testing, reporting for Web, cloud, mobile and API technology stack and deployment management.

  • In Traditional test design, we read requirements thoroughly to understand business logic to validate the same in the application. We Identify test scenarios and data variations, then design test conditions against the given requirements. It requires manual attention to apply the right testing techniques to design these test conditions. Any manual errors lead to missing the test coverage. SmartQE test design automation addresses this effectively. BRAT text annotation reads requirements from source (Jira or CA Agile Center) and apply NLP (Natural language processing) to identify the list of events, actions, inputs & output from requirement against domain specifics pre-determined keywords and populate in SmartQE.
  • SmartQE applies industry-standard testing techniques (ECP, BVA and All pair, etc.) to generate test conditions. Identified inputs are populated as test data required for manual test conditions. The same can be used for automation as well.
  • SmartQE maps these test conditions to requirements, identifies and mark them for regression and automation. The generated test conditions can be moved either to test library or can be mapped to automation scripts. These scripts will append to the existing list.
  • SmartQE automates web application of your product. It's easy to grab the page source and create testcases, datasets and execute. All these can be done in less than 5 minutes. It also provides a detailed report of your testcase execution. And, predicts the testcases which can fail in upcoming sprints. Your QA can become QE.
  • API's have to be tested thoroughly to make any data-driven application robust. SmartQE tests your APIs as well. Just configure an API using postman-like interface and input the sample data and execute it. Multiple datasets can be configured and executed within no time.
  • If your application works on the Mobile platform then SmartQE offers mobile automation as well. It automates Android and iOS apps efficiently.
  • Web, API and Mobile automation workflows maximize automation coverage with the grab elements and generate scripts dynamically. Diff feature in SmartQE reduces script maintenance time by more than 50%.
  • SmartQE deeply analyzes the performance with load testing and reports you the loose ends. It can monitor infrastructure of your server and keep you updated. It checks for security threats your product is exposed to.
  • SmartQE is intelligent enough to predict the testcases that are going to fail in upcoming sprints based on past history, So QA can focus more on them to not happen so.
  • Apart from functional testing, QA can also perform non-functional Testing too. Performance of your application can be analyzed and monitored using SmartQE. It also gives a detailed report of performance on each version of build release.
  • SmartQE also performs a vulnerability assessments on your application, and gives a detailed report of security flaws, vulnerabilities your application is exposed to. So, You can expect your QA to perform this too.
  • SmartQE uses industry best standard tools, methodologies and as well as custom scripts and tools to conduct a thorough vulnerability analysis on the target systems and report them based on severity.
  • With vast experience, in-depth technical knowledge and custom-built tools, SmartQE finds weaknesses skipped by most automated scanners.
  • SmartQE helps organizations to perform release management in a more efficient and timely manner by releasing updates to production more often and increasing the quality of those releases.
  • SmartQE completely eliminates the manual efforts to connect to server, build and deploy. These manual operations are definitely error-prone. It eliminates the need to build and maintain custom scripts for application deployments, while simultaneously reducing configuration errors and downtime.
  • SmartQE always provides a detailed report, no matter what kind of workflow you are working with it.

Business Benefits

  • One stop solution for automate Workday product portfolio
  • Test data, script design and parallel test execution automation reduce manual efforts by 70%
  • Simple, fast, flexible, affordable, reliable test automation
  • Supports DevOps, Agile, BDD/TDD models.
  • Single dashboard to publish validation status across projects.
  • SmartQE is built on opensource technology stack.
  • QA can do QE job with help of SmartQE.
  • Supports across all emerging technologies (Web 2.0, API, Cloud and mobile).
  • High test coverage with low cost.
  • Supports containerization, continues integration and Docker container.
  • Supports continues deployment and build pipeline through Jenkins.
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