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Automate Application Deployment using SmartQE

By admin Dec 03,2020

     Automation of Application Deployment lets you release new enhancements or features more quickly and frequently, and removes the need for human intervention in application deployments. This automation provides the ability to move your software between testing and production environments by using automated processes which leads to repeatable and reliable deployments across the software delivery cycle.

      This deployment automation is definitely beneficial to organizations in a variety of ways. These benefits include less error-prone deployments, the ability for any team member to deploy the application, engineers can get back to developing, and teams can release more frequently.

    The amount of time wasted on setup, synchronization and deployment of applications is often ignored by teams and managers. Manual server management and application deployment are a huge waste of time and ultimately money. In addition, manually performing these tasks is often prone to error and a big risk for uninterrupted uptime of production.

     With the right deployment management solution, you can save time and reduce errors for software deployment by automating the many repetitive steps of moving new and modified source code files or build results to other machines or logical partitions. Package and distribute files to their target locations in each stage of the development cycle no matter what types of files you are working with.

    SmartQE helps organizations to perform release management in a more efficient and timely manner by releasing updates to production more often and increasing the quality of those releases

     SmartQE is a containerized Cloud based SaaS opensource framework for mobile native, hybrid and Web platform code inspections and validate against standards. SmartQE can easily integrate CI/CD platforms and tools.

     In Traditional deployment process, we connect to the server using SSH and pull the application code from source code management tools, create the build or executable file OR transfer the build file(s) to the server, deploy it in the application server, and then restart required services. Any manual errors in this sequence of tasks can lead to application not deployed OR application is not working as expected. SmartQE’s Release Automation feature performs all these chain of tasks automatically, effectively by addressing all the common issues involved in, and deploying your web application with just a click of button.

     One of the most complex, time-consuming, and error-prone areas in manual release process is updating the database to support the new release of application. Sometimes developers forget updating the database, which leads to applications not working as expected. SmartQE implements a best-practices approach to database release automation. This approach makes the database part of Release Automation to mitigate this risk and ensures a bug free application in production.

    Manual approach to build and deploy the application will definitely have much downtime. SmartQE mitigates this downtime and quickly deploys with just a click of a button.

    SmartQE also offers rollback capabilities so if you find that something didn't work like you thought, you can easily revert to the previous stable state.

    Besides the automation of deployment, SmartQE offers all possible services for the product or application in every corner of the test life-cycle. It is a ONE STOP solution for all quality assurance activities of your product or business application. It helps you to test your application in all 360 degrees of testing life-cycle and provides a detailed report. That’s interesting, right? Would you like to know more about this intelligent tool? Please contact here for more info/queries.

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