Case studies Web and API Performance Testing using JMeter

Web and API Performance Testing using JMeter

Web and API Performance Testing using JMeter

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Business Need
  • Environment/Data locks due to excessive loading and unplanned transactions
  • Unplanned system outages & downtime
  • Lack of insight into which applications or business transactions are potential risks and bottlenecks
  • Evaluate system performance against performance requirements
  • Determine throughput levels
  • Assess performance of application and infrastructure for system capacity under the future volumes
Client Situation
  • Stability and Consistency of the application
  • validate the speed, scalability characteristics of the application under test
  • Applications breakdown as demand grows or there are unexpected issues due to intensive load tests
  • Performance issues when integrating multiple applications in an E2E program (Web, API)
  • Unsatisfied end users and clients
Recommended Solution
  • Performance Test module in SmartQE will effectively address this, executes Performance scripts and display the test results.
  • Use a flexible Performance methodology that supports end-to-end, and ad-hoc performance testing of releases and potentially productions systems
  • Maximize ROI from Performance testing through consolidation and standardization.
  • Integrated with CI/CD environment.
  • It Reduces production support costs by ensuring fewer performance defects and systems memory leaks from the production environment
  • Improves efficiency
  • Minimize time to market for new functionalities/ upgrades / migrations.
  • Improves Quality
  • Minimize performance test delivery time with experienced resources
  • JMeter