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Unit test Automation

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The Client is a US-based, develops cloud-based platform with machine learning and artificial intelligence for automotive retail industry.

Business Need
  • To have Unit testing suite
  • Early stage identification of code defects
  • Consistent refactoring of code
  • To prevent defect leakages to ensure world-class quality product
Client Situation
  • Customer experienced pieces of code issues with its development team
  • Unit test was not properly done by Dev team because of timelines.
  • While executing the scripts faced bugs due to inappropriate unit testing
  • Due to small unit test defects project delivery is taking time.
  • Increased cost of bug fix because of later identification of bugs like during the later stages of development, during system testing or acceptance testing.
Recommended Solution
  • DevRabbit built a solution with Jasmine and Chai frameworks.
  • These are the most popular frameworks in Java script realm.
  • This solution integrated with CI/CD.
  • After running of the code, Jenkins will generate reports that provide solutions
  • Safe refactoring of code
  • Improves quality of code because of early identification of defects.
  • Produce reports that include an executive summary that lists the code defects and provides detailed findings that include precise code based solutions and fixes
  • Reduced cost of bug fixing and on time delivery of project
  • Jasmine
  • Mocha
  • Chai