Case studies Retail WMS Automation

Retail WMS Automation

Retail WMS Automation

McKesson Corporation is an American company distributing pharmaceuticals and providing health information technology, medical supplies, and care management tools and products

Business Need
  • To reduce issues with WMS system and resource fronts
  • Integration of WMS system with automated material handling equipment
  • To reduce regression cycle time by at least 60%
  • Improve error handling, resulting in higher stability and reliability
  • Average by QA person design 15 functional test cases, executing 22 test cases, and automate 3 scripts per day is leads lot of capacity
  • Needed a reliable partner who could effectively provide seamless Automation services
Client Situation
  • Customer experienced several issues with its legacy WMS on the process, System & resource fronts
  • The Existing systems were not well integrated with Automated Material Handling equipment like Automated Storage & Retrieval systems
  • WMS automation was up to date and had a backlog of automation regression suite with high script failure rate
  • Automate critical scenarios for regression testing
  • Integrate a test management and bug tracking tool within the automation tool to update and track test results
  • Open case Logs using the tracking tool for failed instances
  • Run the test suite using the continuous integration tool
Recommended Solution
  • Performed a detailed gap analysis on their existing process and test cases.
  • Worked an iterative and incremental plan for test case and automation scripts migration into SmartQE
  • DR Testing Team used its proprietary framework – Smart QE for Test Design Automation to expedite the testing activities & accommodate dynamic application changes in the Test scripts
  • Implemented python based BDD framework in SmartQE for E2E life cycle automation with reusability, minimum number of lines code, adhere OOPs standards
  • Streamlined data in the automation test cases to cover all E2E third party services with different browser stack
  • Identified data criteria's and automated those data criteria's
  • Integrated with CI/CD environment
  • Updated the automation suite, and expanded coverage
  • Cost Savings & Scalable app’s with High Availability
  • Reduced 50% of work force
  • Reduced risk of errors and defects due to enhanced coverage
  • Automate & execute all the test cases related features generate 60% revenue
  • New WMS solution accounted for large number of possible exceptions & managed such issues in a systematic manner, thereby reducing manual intervention
  • By QA person productivity has increased an average of 25 functional test cases design, 40 test cases execution and 6 automation scripts development
  • Pytest-BDD
  • Selenium Webdriver