Case studies Reducing Time to Market Using SmartQE
About SmartQE

SmartQE is a one of its kind platform which can help improve the performance of your software development life cycle. In the current scenario of product development, Efficiency, Time and Quality of product are the most important factors. But product testing is increasingly becoming a challenge with manual testing, scenarios documentation and regression testing becoming a time taking process and therefore severely effecting the timeline of product development.

SmartQE takes care of application life cycle validation from process assessment, test design automation, test data mining, execution, non-functional testing and reporting for Web, cloud, mobile, Client/Server, mainframes and API technology stack. SmartQE offers all possible testing services for your product or application.

It is a complete solution for all your testing and QA requirements and also provides a detailed report effortlessly.

We have implemented SmartQE in some of our applications and have experienced extremely positive results. Below is implementation of one of such case studies:

Reducing Time to Market Using SmartQE

Project Name: HR Portal

Technologies: PHP and My SQL (Web)

About HR Portal:

The main purpose of HR Portal application is maintaining and managing each and every employee record. There are different types of roles such as Admin, Manager, HR, Team lead Reducing Time to Market Using SmartQE -A Case Study and other employee roles. We have to create an individual functionality to each and every stakeholder of the HR cycle and each of them has their own requirements and dependencies. Every other stake holder is inter linked to the main Admin functionality and are reflected on the HR portal. The main agenda of this project is to maintain the traceability of all the employee related documents and their status in HR’s perspective.

Besides Work & Timesheet management, Document management, Employee related document repository, HR Portal also has other features like Leave Management System, CV creation and Management system.

Challenges Faced

The functionalities of this product are all interlinked and hence a small change in any functionality can affect the whole product and hence every time regression testing is mandatory.

With this amount of high-level testing requirement, it is very difficult to make the complete testing effectively and maintain a track of every small change. Especially documentation is very difficult. Achieving 100% test accuracy is a very time taking process and in case of multiple location development it is going to be more difficult to co-ordinate all the processes.

  • This process if performed manually needs more man power
  • Code changes are difficult to perform or the tester needs to have the ideology of coding which is not possible in many cases.
  • Report generating manually is a vague process.
The Solution:

By using SmartQE we can test automate process and increase the efficiency by 3 times. We can reduce the testing time by 4 times. SmartQE also doesn’t require much code, with small amount of coding we can automate the testing and generate reports. SmartQE has also an edge over selenium as selenium requires knowledge on coding and meets all automation needs. More importantly SmartQE is affordable as it reduces the development cost and increases overall efficiency in this high competitive industry.

The Solution

Time lines taken by different methodologies for Testing of Employee Module:

Duration for using manual testing: 30 days.
Duration for using Automation testing: 20 days.
Duration for using SmartQE: 07 days.

The above testing timeline results are a clear indication of how SmartQE is bringing efficiency and reducing the time of testing in production. Not only this application we have tested numerous number of applications and have seen similar results. SmartQE has been impacting business by decreasing the product time and increasing the efficiency in production and post production.

  • SmartQE has an advantage of generating 80% of the automation scripts over Selenium. These scripts can be customized as per user requirements.
  • SmartQE has in-built integration of Project management tools like JIRA, Source code management tools like GitHub, CI-CD Platforms like Jenkins and even more.