Case studies Reducing QA efforts & cost for a Package Tracking Business
About SmartQE

SmartQE is a Unique platform designed and developed to support application life cycle validation from process assessment, test design automation, test data mining, execution, nonfunctional testing and reporting for Web, cloud, mobile, Client/Server, mainframes and API technology stack.

It is a ONE STOP solution for all quality assurance activities of your product or business application. It helps you to test your application in all 360 degrees of testing life-cycle and provides a detailed report.

Reducing QA efforts & cost for a Package Tracking Business

SmartQE is implemented for a web & mobile based software developed for a Business that provides best-in-class, cloud-based, package tracking software created specifically for apartment communities and residential buildings, residence halls, campus mail rooms, and campus post offices. This Software automatically and regularly sends package reminders until picked up.


PHP and My SQL (WEB) and iOS &Android (Mobility)

Challenges Faced

Manual testing tends to be more time consuming and mentally taxing. And organizing the way you implement your tests and effective bug logging is crucial. Pinpointing an issue could be a humongous task. And it is difficult to achieve 100% Test case coverage in manual testing besides the extensive time taking the process undergoes.

Regression Testing, the most rigorous and time-consuming testing if performed manually. This is where we test the whole system to check if any pre-existing functionality has been disturbed with any new deployment of feature in our software.

  • Manual testing is time consuming, taking up human resources, by using SmartQE we can reduce time and human resources.
  • SmartQE is very helpful with regression in testing where code changes frequently.
  • Using manual testing we can’t generate the reports, but using SmartQE we can generate reports.
The Solution:

As test automation becomes more crucial in today's technology landscape, it can be challenging to find an automation solution that is affordable, simple to set up, and comprehensive to meet a variety of automation needs. So SmartQE automation solution for Web, API and mobile testing. It integrates all necessary components with built-in keywords and project templates into a complete automation framework.

The Solution

Using SmartQE, We have tested thousands of test scripts in a decent time resulting in fewer man hours with enhanced test coverage and therefore impacting a decrease in the overall cost. We have delivered builds to customers seamlessly, quickly along with detailed test reports.

  • During Automation testing using Selenium, the tester needs to have programming knowledge for writing scripts, consuming time, whereas SmartQE brings an advantage of generating 80% of the automation scripts while executing the test cases
  • These scripts once generated can also be customized as per our requirement.
  • SmartQE helps in efficiently organizing the reports based on user, weekly, monthly basis and also Project-Wise, while in selenium we can generate only individual reports.
  • SmartQE has inbuilt third-party integrations like Maven, Jenkins, GIT, JIRA etc. which help us saving time