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Code Quality Analysis

Code Quality Analysis

The Client is a US-based car company. It designs, manufactures, and sells smart and connected premium electric vehicles, driving innovations in next generation technologies in connectivity, autonomous driving and artificial intelligence.

Business Need
  • To improve the quality of code and code coverage
  • To maintain coding standards and coding conventions
  • To reduce complexity of code and easy understanding of code
  • Improve coverage and prevent defect leakages into production to ensure world class quality product
  • To thoroughly review Source code in order to discover hidden vulnerabilities and design flaws
Client Situation
  • Customer experienced several code quality issues with its development team
  • Coding conventions and coding standards were not properly done by Dev team because of timelines.
  • While executing the scripts faced code defects and bugs
  • Code refactoring is inconsistent and no clarity of script so that if anyone wants to see the code who isn’t the creator of the code not able to understand it.
  • Existence of unused variables, unused imports & functions in scripts.
Recommended Solution
  • DevRabbit developed a solution, whenever code pushes into Jenkins it will triggers a job where it verifies all the code flaws, coding standard deviation, consistency of code
  • After verification of the code, Jenkins will generate reports that provide solutions
  • This will execute in less than a minute and we are making sure that defective code is not pushed into production
  • Reduce risk of defects due to enhanced coverage
  • Faster Results due to easily detect flaws through code analysis
  • Evaluates the entire code layout of the application including areas that wouldn’t be analyzed such as entry points for different inputs, internal interfaces and integrations, data handling and validation logic
  • Produce code review reports that include an executive summary that lists strengths and weakness and provides detailed findings that include precise code based solutions and fixes
  • Pycodestyle
  • Pyflakes
  • Sonarcube