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Workday Test Automation - SmartQE

By Admin Jul 29, 2020

SmartQE is a containerized Cloud based SaaS framework for Workday test automation. SmartQE automates across Workday products with a single click. Smart DevOps test automation framework for Workday products portfolio for modern quality engineer

SmartQE supported Workday products portfolio - Financial Management, Human Capital Management, Enterprise Planning, Spend Management, Payroll and Workforce Management, Analytics and reporting and Platform and Extensions

SmartQE is a self-service portal with rich UI, rapid deployments, supports multi-cloud environments and customized reporting. AI and ML powered test automation dashboard acquire, aggregate and analyze test reports to ascertain release health.

  • No framework address test automation needs of Workday products and services
  • Large-scale global migration of different regions onto one cloud-based platform, the Company sought experts to provide a managed test and validation service for its Workday implementation
  • Workday subject matter expects are very expensive
  • Frameworks are not flexible to integrate industry proven DevOps tools and technologies
  • No single framework support Workday API and interfaces validations
  • Feedback loop from the root cause analysis and other learnings for testers and developers ensuring high code quality is not available. No Simple & Intuitive to use for automation
  • No framework support auto-generate scripts and workflows to run against multiple release environments and multiple browsers
SmartQE key feature for Workday automation
  • Zero-Code base test interface - User friendly UI to create, maintain and run tests
  • SmartQE Grabber - Recorder to handle complex UI
  • Sync with latest codebase of Workday software latest release
  • Test data and execution automation
  • Validate Workday products portfolio accessed by multiple devices, operating systems, and browser configurations
  • AI powered Dashboard and Test Reports
  • Integrate tests with upstream and downstream interfaces
  • Containerized Cloud based framework
  • Automate test design, data, execution and analytics
  • SmartQE open API’s help to integrate any DevOps tools
  • Low code or no code release and test automation
  • Enable anyone to use it, with no coding experience, Promote Shift Left Testing
  • Host Azure, AWS and IBM OpenShift Cloud platforms
Value Addons
  • Simple, fast, flexible, affordable, reliable test automation
  • One stop solution for automate Workday product portfolio
  • Test data, script design and parallel test execution automation reduce manual efforts by 70%
  • Sync with latest codebase of Workday software latest release will reduce script maintains efforts by 80%
  • Reduce testing cycles time and cost by 70%
  • Pre-built regression automation scripts can be used from day one of Workday implementation and integration
  • Create, visualize, reuse test processes
  • Software delivering Quality, Faster and Simpler, automate your test less than manual testing cost
  • Script maintains time and efforts will reduce by 70%
  • Runtime test lab setup will reduce 70% of hardware and software resource utilization
  • AI and ML Powered test automation dashboard at project, sprint workflow, test set and test cases reports acquire, aggregate and analyze test reports to ascertain release health
  • No coding skills required to get started, superfast test scripts development
  • Framework help Workday products, integrations test automation for faster time-to-market
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