Blogs Want to move to hassle free release and test automation in the current superfast Agile world?

Want to move to hassle free release and test automation in the current superfast Agile world?

By Admin Apr 08,2021

SmartQE is a containerized Cloud based SaaS framework for Web 2.0, API, Mobile and Desktop Release and Test automation

SmartQE has following 6 core features:

  1. Project creation

    • Integration and configuration with Collaboration and CI and CD tools

    • Create work flow

      • Release automation

        • Web 2.0, API, Mobile and Desktop - On premise or Cloud hosting

        • Target servers one time configuration

        • Can integrate to infra provision tools like Ansible Tower

      • Test automation

        • Web 2.0, API, Mobile and Desktop app’s

  2. Create schedule or release pipeline jobs

    • Online and scheduled jobs or pipelines for release and test executions

  3. Test Design and Test data

    • Test Design

      • Intelligent Grabber

      • Global Object repository

      • Auto Sync when Object properties change at page and project level

    • Test data

      • DB configuration with input data criteria to pull test data from DB at script execution time

      • Automate test data input data criteria’s and map those scripts output as input

      • Traditional CSV and txt file format

  4. Test and Release execution

    • Release – Pre-configured runtime or on schedule jobs execute

    • Once Release job is successful then Testing will start

    • Multi browser, OS parallel execution on

      • Local where user develop scripts

      • Remote machines

      • Spin containers at runtime and collapse after test execution complete

  5. Results analysis with AI

    • Release metrics

    • Testing metrics with defects analysis

    • Results integration to Jira or test management tools

  6. Docker – Containerized On premise or Cloud hosting

  • Linux – ubuntu - Docker – YMAL with mount point setup for data backup

  • Cloud (AWS and Azure) – There is not hard and soft on it, it’s flexible to implement as PaaS or IaaS

  • Size of the solution with default DB is 500 MB, can be install and configure within an hour


  • Java, Spring boot, Hibernate, Tomcat and PostgreSQL

Hardware and Software requirements to host on Cloud or on prime

  • CPU: i5/i7 Processor

  • RAM: 32 GB (Spin atleast 4 Dockers at a time for parallel test executions)

  • HDD: Min 200 GB

  • Operating System: Windows or Linux Ubuntu or CentOS to setup Docker.

Business Benefits:

  1. Goto market time will reduce by 40%

  2. Easy to integrate enterprise DevOps landscape

  3. Reduce Overall Release and Testing Cost & Cycle Time by 40%

  4. Fast Track Test Automation upto 3X

  5. Fast Track Release Automation upto 3X

  6. Shift Left testing – find defects earlier

  7. Simple & Intuitive to use - No coding experience required

  8. Modular – Use only necessary modules

  9. AI & ML engine for Analytics - Intelligent Automation

  10. Easily Extendable to other technologies

Would you like to know more about this intelligent tool? Please contact here for more info/queries.

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